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Purpose/Function: This website provides a free app that uses the Y-DNA STR results for a surname project to (1) suggest groups of kits that probably share a common male ancestor within the genealogical time frame or, at least, the surname era for the applicable surname, and (2) show the genetic distances and relational distances between any individual project kit and each other kit in the project.

FAQ/Questions: For methodology and answers to common questions, see the FAQ. For additional questions, comments, suggestions or problems, please email.

Instructions: The Y-DNA STR results data for a project can be input by either (1) saving the project's FTDNA public or GAP Y-DNA Classic or Colorized results page as an html file and submitting that html file or (2) submitting a .csv file containing the project's Y-DNA STR results in FTDNA format (i.e. with the same column order and headings as used in FTDNA results tables). For more information on input options, see Input requirements, advantages and limitations, How to get an .html file of a project's results page and How to get a .csv file containing project data. Note that the app can take 30+ seconds for larger surname projects (200+ kits) and several minutes for the largest projects (1000+ kits), during which your browser will say that it is waiting for this website.

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